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Faavorite app enhances Twitter favourites

Faavorite is a new web app that provides the means to power up your favourite tweets. According to developer Nick Payne and designer Harry Roberts, the idea arrived from the pair's gripes with how Twitter manages favourites: "Twitter overlooks them, and it's almost like the company's forgotten about them. So we compiled a shared list of what we don't like about Twitter favourites and built that into an idea to solve a few problems."

These problems included searchability, discovery, consumption and categorisation. The duo also added further advanced features: "We wanted users to be able to search other people's favourites and view embedded content from within the app, such as GitHub repos, YouTube videos, and Spotify artists, tracks and albums. We also thought it'd be really cool to view stats, such as most-used tags, most popular domains, most faavorited tweets and so on."

The benefits, think Payne and Roberts, are pretty clear to keen Twitter users: "When you favourite a tweet, it's for a reason: perhaps you want to read it later; maybe it made you laugh; maybe it links to something really interesting. Our app enables you to assign these things to categories, so you can more easily refer back to tweets when you need to, rather than trawling through Twitter's infinite scroller. The ways in which you can discover content – by search, by browsing users' profiles, by viewing favourites authored by particular users or by those containing a specific domain – gives you an unparalleled mechanism for seeking out the best Twitter has to offer."