2020 Game is a super-fun take on a super-bad year

If you've already erased last year from your memory, we don't blame you. And we certainly wouldn't ask you to think about 2020 unless we thought it was really, really worth it. Well, today it's worth it, thanks to a hilarious and surprisingly fun new video game based on the terrible events of the year.

2020 Game is a free, web-based side-scroller in which our plucky hero must navigate forest fires, lethal virus particles, constant Zoom calls and much, much more. There might be some unbeatable Nintendo Switch deals out there, but we doubt there are many games that hit as close to home as 2020 Game right now.

2020 Game

2020 Game can be played online for free (Image credit: Max Garkavyy)

Created by Max Garkavyy over the course of six months, 2020 Game is a ingeniously creative take on the many miseries of 2020. The Super Mario Bros-esque platformer can be finished in around 10 minutes (if only the same had been true of 2020 itself) and offers a refreshingly light-hearted perspective on the horrors the world endured. From 5G towers spitting out the virus to a section requiring the player to collect toilet paper, 2020 Game is often hilarious. 

2020 Game

One for the conspiracy theorists out there (Image credit: Max Garkavyy)

"I currently work at a boring office job in a big corporation and every day I wonder if I should take the plunge and quit my job to pursue making games," Garkavyy announced on a new donation page. "2020 Game is the attempt to prove to myself that I can pay the bills with my games, so the fact that you want to support me means a world to me!" And with over $25,000 raised so far, 2021 is shaping up to be better than 2020 for Garkavyy (although that probably wouldn't be difficult).

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We're big fans of pixel art, and Garkavyy has created the perfect blocky rendering of last year's events. Lunch break distractions don't come much better than 2020 Game (especially if, like most of us, you haven't managed to get hold of a PS5 just yet). Check out today's best games console deals below if you're ready to keep playing. 

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