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Apple to unveil yet another iPad (and it sounds brilliant)

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(Image credit: Daniel Romero on Unsplash)

If you're struggling to keep up with the amount of new products Apple has launched in 2020, you're probably not alone. From iPads to iPhones (via Macs, Apple Watches and all manner of accessories), it's been a bountiful year for fans. One of the most exciting launches was last month's powerful new iPad Air – but it seems yet another incredible Apple tablet is already hot on its tail.

New leaks suggest Apple is set to launch a brand new iPad Pro during the first quarter of 2021, complete with a Mini-LED display. This will be the first time LED screen tech has hit Apple's tablet line-up, and it could end up providing the ultimate canvas for the best iPad apps for designers

iPad Pro 12.9 (2020)

Is this year's iPad Pro already due an update? (Image credit: Apple)

According to Korea's ETNews Today (as spotted by Patently Apple), Apple's new Mini-LED displays are being produced by LG, and will begin mass production before the end of 2020. The report suggests that as well as its iPad range, Apple may eventually be planning to switch from LCD to Mini-LED on other products, such as the MacBook.

So what's the benefit of Mini-LED? It's all about brightness and contrast – LED displays are much brighter, and can display far deeper blacks and richer whites. And not only do they look better, but they're also more power efficient, and therefore easier on your battery. 

Currently, the only Apple devices to feature super-bright LED displays are its iPhone 12 line-up (as well as previous 'Pro' iPhone models), and it'll be great news for creatives if the tech finally hits Apple's tablets. The iPad is already a brilliant digital canvas, but a bolder and brighter display can only be a good thing for digital artists (though not necessarily for your wallet if you've already upgraded this year).

iPad Air 4

This year's iPad Air is already giving the Pro a run for its money (Image credit: Apple)

While the iPad Pro was updated as recently as this March, it makes sense for Apple to want to update its top-of-the-range tablet so quickly. The new iPad Air is so powerful that we even wondered if it might make the 2020 iPad Pro irrelevant. A new LED display would certainly set the Pro apart from its supposedly mid-range sibling.

Whatever happens, it seems Apple isn't planning to let creatives catch a breath when it comes to releasing new gear. And while it sounds like 2021 will certainly be fruitful, the company hasn't even finished with 2020. Yet another Apple event has just been announced for next week, with brand new MacBooks expected to be revealed. If you're looking for all the best Apple deals in one place (and with all these announcements, we don't blame you), head over to our Apple Black Friday page for the best offers.

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