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Can Adobe's bonkers Inspiration Generator cure creative block?

Adobe Inspiration Generator
(Image credit: Adobe)

If you're a creative, you've probably found yourself in one of those moments when you just can't think of an idea. Well, fear not because Adobe's launched a rapid Inspiration Generator to help you get creating.

Available in English, French, and German, the lighthearted tool aims to help trigger ideas by promoting you to design something with randomly generated creative briefs that take you out of your comfort zone. The resulting prompts are intentionally absurd in an attempt to force your creative juices to start flowing (for more inspiration see our list of the best print ads.)

Adobe Inspiration Generator

Adobe's Inspiration Generator in action. (Image credit: Adobe )

Simply choose your language and spin the three blocks on Adobe's Inspiration Generator. You'll be provided with a concise brief to spark ideas, such as "techy pilot movie poster," "Dreamy chef T-shirt graphic", "psychic twins magazine cover," or "curious bird watcher album cover." 

Each comprises an adjective for the style, a person and a type of piece, from billboard poster to album cover. The results are surreal, but if you're firmly stuck in a creative hollow with no ideas in sight, they might just be what you need to trigger something interesting to keep you creating until ideas come back to you. 

Adobe's already challenged several creatives to use the tool and share the results using the hashtag #BeatTheBlank on Instagram and TikTok. @onemore_thanfour took up the challenge posed by the brief "dreamy alien billboard poster" while bevisualz, got "aventureux, alien, poster de film", and came up with a poster for Aliena Jones.

If you still need Adobe's suite of apps to put your creative ideas into practice, see the current prices for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription below, or see our guide to how to download Creative Cloud.

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