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This Adobe CC Essentials bootcamp will broaden your design horizons

Adobe bundle
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Even the most experienced designers don't typically use the entire Adobe CC Suite on a daily basis. There are always new tools to learn and new techniques to add to your résumé. Want to start today? With this All-Inclusive 2020 Adobe CC Essentials Course Bundle, you can do just that for $49.99 (at 96 per cent off). The bundle includes 15 courses that have 316 lessons, giving you lifetime access to tools that will help you develop your already impressive creative skills. Do take note that the Adobe tools are not included in the bundle, so be sure your subscription is live before diving in (you can get Creative Cloud here). Want more? Try these top Photoshop tutorials.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 2020

The intro to Adobe Photoshop helps those of you new to the renown tool get start. This course includes 25 lessons across five hours of content that teach you how to use the navigation and interface tools, understand basic imaging concepts and editing, and prepare images for print and online presentations. 

Adobe Audition

Never touched Adobe Audition? Now is your chance. This course features 62 lessons and over seven hours of helpful information you'll need to create exceptional sound with Adobe. These lessons help you record, edit, and mix audio as well as create record files, become proficient in sound design, and learn audio restoration.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is designed for editing videos quickly and easily, and with video usage on the rise, it's a tool worth knowing. This course is over two hours long, with 16 lessons meant to help you edit your content like a pro. It helps you explore video tools, learn common video capture techniques and resolution, apply colour effects, transitions, and titles, and export videos at high quality so you can post them to various social media channels simultaneously. 

Adobe Lightroom

This course contains 27 lessons that help you edit multiple photos at once. It will also teach you to fix and stylise images, set up and organise your photo library, and make local and global adjustments. Your photos will look more professional, crisp, and clear after you master Lightroom.

Adobe Behance

Behance is where you'll be able to showcase and discover creative work. It's one and a half-hour course with six lessons that will teach you how to submit your work, show it off, and build a cohesive profile. You can use it for graphic design, fashion, illustration, photography, and more.

Adobe Portfolio

This one-hour course packs in five lessons on how to use Adobe Portfolio. Portfolio is an online social media-based website editor made to help creative professionals create, manage, personalise, and display their content. 

Adobe Fonts

Font choice is very important when it comes to creating content that stands out and looks good. This course for Adobe Fonts features one hour of seven lessons and is perfect for those in the graphic design field, or other creative fields. 

Adobe Stock

This course gives you access to eight lessons and one and a half hours of content that will teach you how to find and use millions of high-quality, curated, and royalty-free photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and more. With Adobe Stock you will be able to license, access, and manage assets directly within Adobe desktop apps.

Adobe After Effects 2020

This 56-lesson course is for beginner and intermediate users. You'll learn the basics of After Effects so you can create fundamental animation, colour correction, motion graphics, and more. 

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

This 19-lesson course will teach users how to set up projects, import and organise media, tackle the essentials of video editing, and more. You'll get a basic understanding of Adobe Premiere Pro and its capabilities.

Introduction to Adobe InDesign 2020

The intro to Adobe InDesign features 19 lectures that will guide you on how to create documents, import images, learn more advanced techniques and design methods, and more. It's targeted towards those who want to create multi-page documents such as books, magazines, brochures, portfolios, and much more.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2020

This intro course features 32 lessons on how to create web and mobile graphics, logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, and billboards. You can even learn how to create freehand drawings, or trace and recolour graphics to turn them into art.

Adobe Spark

This 11-lesson course teaches you how to make quick social media posts based on pre-made templates. It's designed to make social media content fast and easy!

At a $1485 value, you will have lifetime access to the All-Inclusive 2020 Adobe CC Essentials Course Bundle for just $49.99 with this deal.

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