An iPhone with no ports. What's that about?

iPhone 11
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple is always looking to add a big new feature to sell us yet another version of the iPhone. The latest model - the iPhone 11- brought with it, its bug-eyed looking dual‑camera system, the fastest chip ever in a smartphone and all‑day battery life. A great set of specs, but how is Apple going to raise the bar for future models?

Rumours from respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose research note was seen by MacRumors (opens in new tab), suggests that the iPhone is heading towards a "completely wireless experience" in 2021. If you don't own a pair of wireless headphones (opens in new tab), now is a great time to get yourself a pair.   

Alongside the lack of a headphone port - remember the fuss that caused, but we all came around in the end - there will be no Lightning port to power up your shiny new iPhone. Kuo said "Among new 2H21 iPhone models, we expect that the highest-end model would cancel the [Lightning] port and provide the completely wireless experience."

So, no headphone port and no Lightning port. What is an iPhone owner to do? Wireless charging is not a new revelation, with several generations of iPhone's being able to charge wirelessly. But, this has always meant purchasing a wireless charger, and why would you when you can charge for free with the supplied charging cable. 

The lack of a Lightning port also means you can't even use your old headphones with an adaptor. Looks like now is the time to fully embrace the wireless revolution, because it is coming, in 2021 apparently.

iPhone 11

How is Apple going to better the iPhone 11 in 2020?  (Image credit: Apple)

What will the next generation iPhone look like?

We all know there will be a new iPhone in 2020, and we are all desperate to know what features the latest generation will add. Kuo suggests two and three rear cameras (dependent on model), OLED screens, support for 5G, and more interestingly, it will resemble the iPhone 4. 

A retro iPhone look will get creatives excited. Make sure you check out our iPhone 12 concept suggests 2020 phones could go retro (opens in new tab) post to get the lowdown on what to expect and a peek at what it might look like. 

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