The Babybel x Hasbro board game is pretty weird

A closeup of the Babybel x Hasbro board game inspired by Candy Land
(Image credit: Babybel/Hasbro)

If like me, you grew up in the dawn before smartphones, you may remember breaking out the board games at family functions. Honing in on this nostalgia for simpler times, mini cheese connoisseur Babybel has teamed up with Hasbro to create a custom version of the classic board game Candy Land. 

"Babybel Goodness Land" (great name, really rolls off the tongue), replaces the sweet theme of the original game, putting a cheese twist on the classic family favourite. If you're after some more back-to-basics fun, check out our collection of the best board games). 

Babybel x Hasbro game 'Babybel Goodness Land'

(Image credit: Babybel/Hasbro)

The new Babybel board game has had quite an update from Candy Land's original design way back in 1949. With its bright colours and cute custom Babybel characters, the artwork has a contemporary feel but still maintains the iconic colourful winding road of the original game.

The simple premise sees players weave past the Milk River and the Big Bel Jungle until they make it to the coveted Cheesy Castle, where they'll be crowned the winner. Most importantly, the game is suitable for all ages as it features no reading and very basic counting skills, so it's supposedly fun for all the family.

Babybel x Hasbro board game 'Babybel Goodness Land'

(Image credit: Babybel/Hasbro)

"It’s the classic game you know and love, but with new gameplay elements that get kids jumping, moving, imagining, and playing. All without a screen in sight!" says Baybel. "For Millennial parents like you, who are in need of some serious play inspiration, Goodness Land is your #1 go-to".

For the eager Millennial parent who wants to get their hands on this board game, unfortunately, it won't be hitting stores any time soon. The only way to snag your own exclusive copy is to enter Babybel's competition, and with only 200 units available and entries closing on 4 October, prospective players should make haste. 

Babybel promotional poster for the new board game 'Babybel Goodness Land'

(Image credit: Babybel/Hasbro)

Of all the brand collaborations we've covered, this is certainly one of the oddest we've ever seen as it feels like the retro whimsy of Candy Land gets a little lost when it's replaced with Babybel branding. I just don't see how a cheese-themed reboot of a 70-year-old game could possibly break iPad kids out of their online stupors – but hey, the lucky winners of the game may beg to differ. 

If you're after some more strange company collaborations, check out what happens when an AI imagines the weirdest brand collabs – the results are suitably strange, but kind of genius. 

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