This baffling Wonder Woman T-shirt is driving designers wild

Wonder Woman
(Image credit: DC Films)

Designers are sharing their shock and disbelief over a Wonder Woman t-shirt that features a significantly less-than-wonderful use of graphic design. Confusing and messy, this design proves that some designs are destined to serve as reminders of why graphic design is often best left to the professionals.

Puzzling messaging, wild font choices and flawed layouts are some of the holes non-pros fall into. And this t-shirt has them all in spades. This design was first shared on Reddit last year, but has recently been shared on Twitter (see the tweet below), and the responses are gold – with many weighing in with other examples of hilariously bad design. Not even the best computer for graphic design could have saved these.

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The design is actually listed for sale under the title: 'I'm not i'm just nobody wonder woman in the same saying i'm saying has ever seen room together shirt'. Confused? Blame the formatting of the t-shirt – not even the retailer knows how to say it.

But the Twittersphere had other ideas about how the sentence (sentences?) is meant to be read:

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Comments flooded in on Twitter and Reddit, with Reddit user churroboy224 (opens in new tab) stating the profound effect it had on them: "I'm not going to lie I sat here for a solid 5 minutes before I could read it I thought I was having a stroke".

Other voices urged wannabe designers to just hire a professional for optimum success. And, equally as amusingly, designers and design-fans began to share their favourite examples of confusing design. Hold on tight – some of these are incredible.

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Explore more of the hilarity over on the original Twitter thread (opens in new tab) and the Reddit thread (opens in new tab), too. And for more where this came from, see this post exploring 12 design fails that were so bad they were good. To avoid your own T-shirt design debacles, see our 10 pro tips for better T-shirt designs.

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