The black PS5 you've been waiting for is finally here

When the PS5 was first revealed last summer, the console's design was mercilessly mocked online. From memes comparing it with WiFi routers to endless references to its gargantuan size, the PlayStation 5 certainly got people talking. One of the more constructive regular comments was that it could look amazing in black. Well, it's finally happening – sort of.

A tech modding company has revealed its own unofficial PS2-inspired black version of the PS5, and it's available from this Friday at 12pm PT. But you'll have to act fast – the retro-inspired PS5 is limited to 304 editions (in a nod to the release date of the original PS2: 03/04/00). If you're happy with the standard reverse-Oreo colour scheme, here's where to buy a PS5.


This is the PS5 we've been waiting for (Image credit: SUP3R5)

According to SUP3R5, the retro makeover was applied to each unit by hand, in "a tedious process that is performed with the utmost attention to detail and quality". Not only are the console and DualSense controller now black, but the design also includes colourised PlayStation logos on each (the logo is grey on the standard PS5) to match the look of the PS2.


The controller looks particularly good in black (Image credit: SUP3R5)

We're big fans of SUP3R5's all-black PS5 makeover, and can't help but wish Sony had offered a similar design at launch. Of course, the company may well be keeping a black edition up its sleeve for release at a later date, but if you want one as soon as possible, this impressive mod could be your best bet. And it seems PlayStation fans are particularly enthused with the new look:

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Believe it or not, this isn't the first PS5 mod we've seen this week – just yesterday, we subjected our eyes to Caviar's gold and crocodile skin-infused monstrosity, which will set you back a mere $2M. At a much more manageable $649, we have a feeling SUP3R5's effort will fly off the shelves much faster. We'll see you at 12pm on Friday.

In the meantime, check out our guide to the best monitors for the PS5

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