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Ludicrous new PS5 design could be yours for just $2M

If you haven't managed to get hold of Sony's brand new PS5 yet, you might just be in luck – all you need is a spare $1.8M and a penchent for gold. That's right, the perfect console for Bond villains everywhere has just been announced by Caviar – and as we've come to expect from the Russian tech modding company, it ain't cheap (and it ain't pretty).

Caviar's "luxury" PlayStation 5 is clad in 20kg of solid gold, while the controllers are decked in that most practical of materials, crocodile leather. There might be some unbeatable Nintendo Switch deals in the January sales, but none of them include, as far as we know, reptilian controllers. 

Caviar gold PS5

Caviar's "luxury" PS5  (Image credit: Caviar)

Caviar says the design was inspired by "the unique geometry of gold ore and the graceful, beautiful outlines of rock", hence the decision to name the device 'Golden Rock'. The DualSense controllers, meanwhile, combine the aforementioned crocodile leather with gold inserts "for a real tactile pleasure". Caviar calls the console itself a "real masterpiece of jewellery," although at 20kg, we wouldn't recommend wearing it as a necklace (nor the controllers as earrings for that matter). 

The PS5's actual design suddenly doesn't seem so outlandish

The PS5's actual design suddenly doesn't seem so outlandish (Image credit: Sony)

Mercifully, Caviar is only producing a single edition of its Golden Rock PS5. And while no price is officially listed, according to Boss Hunting, current gold valuation places it at around $1.8M. If that sounds slightly steep, here's where to buy a PS5 in plain old white and black. 

While the PS5 was initially brutally mocked for its gargantuan design, we think it looks positively angelic next to Caviar's garish, gold, geometric eyesore. Much like the company's recent iPhone 12 atrocity, 'Golden Rock' seems to prove that money can't buy class. For a console that's kinder to your eyes as well as your wallet, check out today's best PS5 deals below. 

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