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January sales 2021: All the best New Year sales in one place

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New Year sales

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January has a reputation for being a bleak month, but the prospect of snapping up a great bargain always cheers us up. The New Year sales are here and we've got our ears to the ground for the very best offers around – and they'll be listed right here in this article.

If you've got your eye on a shiny new TV, drawing tablet, pair of headphones, Apple product, games console or Microsoft Surface device, you're in the right place as we've got the lowest prices for you. 

January is the perfect time to buy because it's when retailers get a head start on the year's budgets, meaning prices can be dropped astonishingly low. Keep reading to find out where to get rock-bottom prices on brands from Apple to Wacom and everything in-between.

January sales: Top picks

The best January sales: UK

The best January sales: US

January sales: TVs

We've seen some incredible deals on TVs so far this year, so the January sales are likely to be a great time to splash out on a new entertainment box. But there's nothing to say these offers won't kick off early so here are the lowest prices around right now on TVs:

January TV deals: UK

January TV deals: US

January sales: Game consoles

Games consoles have been big news this year with the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, plus the ongoing popularity of the Nintendo Switch. But, since deals have been selling out as soon as they hit the shelves, it hasn't always been easy to get your hands on one. The January sales are another chance to try – just check out the games console deals we've found below:

January sales: Monitors

Deals on monitors were some of the best we saw this year, making it the perfect time to upgrade your workstation. Whether you want 4K, ultrawide or curved, there's sure to be something for you. We've listed the best monitor deals available:

January monitor deals: UK

January monitor deals: US

January sales: Drawing tablets

Is your current digital art toolset feeling a little tired? Max out your artistic potential with a new drawing tablet at a brilliant price. Big names like Wacom, XP-Pen and Huion have been discounted already this year, so it's likely they will be again. For help deciding, see our best drawing tablet guide. But first, here are the best drawing tablet prices around right now:

January drawing tablet deals: UK

January drawing tablet deals: US

January sales: Apple

We all know how rare Apple discounts can be so we were surprised to see some major price cuts over Black Friday this year – even on latest-model products. The great news is, this means we may well see more in the January sales. Look out for discounts on iPads, MacBooks and more from a range of retailers, starting with the best Apple prices we've found below:

January Apple deals: UK

January Apple deals: US

January sales: External hard drives

If you're planning on a burst of creative energy in 2021 (and aren't we all?), you'll need the storage capacity to handle it. External hard drives are often subjected to more-than-worthwhile price cuts so we'll have our eyes on the ball throughout the January sales. Make a start with the external hard drive offers we've found below:

January sales: Microsoft Surface

Microsoft's Surface range is likely to have decent discounts across it this January, because of the new releases of the Surface Laptop Go and Surface Laptop 3. This means older models like the Microsoft Surface 7, Surface Book Pro 2 or Surface Pro X, will probably be available at great prices in the January sales. 

Not sure which one to go for? While the Surface Pro 6 remains one of the best tablets with a stylus around, it's worth checking out our Surface Pro 6 vs Surface Pro 7 comparison guide to see if the 7 is worth the extra spend. But for now, see the top Surface deals around, listed here:

January sales: Headphones

Amazing headphone brands are often majorly discounted during sale periods. We're talking brands like Sennheiser, Beats and Bose (among others), all of which we've seen discounted this year – and there's sure to be more to come in the January sales. For starters, see the headphones deals we've found for you so far:

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