The best iPad accessories in March 2024

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iPad accessories: Quick links

The best iPad accessories can significantly enhance the brilliant tablet's functionalities. For instance, an iPad keyboard transforms it into a brilliant, lightweight hybrid laptop, a good stylus makes it a bona fide notepad or canvas, and cases and covers help to protect the device.

We've tested a lot of different iPad accessories, judging them based on performance, quality, brand trustworthiness, and value, and below you'll find a list featuring the best of the best from our experiences, as well as customer reviews.

Of course, this is based on the assumption you already have an iPad; if not, or if it's time for an upgrade, make sure to check out our guide to the iPad generations. We'd also recommend getting yourself one of the best power banks to keep your tablet powered up if you often use it on the go.

The best iPad accessories available now

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iPad accessories: Styluses

The best styluses turn your iPad into a fantastic vehicle for drawing. Apple has its own stylus, the Apple Pencil, and if you want the absolute best experience possible, then that's the stylus to go for. The Apple Pencil 2 is the newer version, compatible with newer iPads, while the original Apple Pencil is compatible with older iPads as well as the latest standard iPad, via an adapter (see our Apple Pencil 1 vs Apple Pencil 2 for more details). The likes of Adonit and Logitech also offer viable, cheaper alternatives.

iPad accessories: Keyboards

Adding a keyboard to your iPad gives your tablet an extra dimension, turning it into a real alternative to a laptop and meaning you can truly work on the move. The best keyboards double up as iPad cases too. But if you want to get the case separately, then we've got some more options below. For more options, see our best iPad keyboards guide.

iPad accessories: Stands

Getting an iPad stand makes your tablet more versatile, and the best ones allow you to use it in both portrait or landscape orientation. If you want an iPad stand for a specific purpose, see our best iPad wall mounts or best iPad holders for bed.

iPad accessories: Screen protectors

If you're using your iPad as a drawing tablet, and why wouldn't you, because it works extremely well with the Apple Pencil and apps like Procreate, then you'll probably notice that the surface doesn't feel exactly like paper. That's where the best iPad screen protectors come in. 

iPad accessories: Cases and covers

An iPad is an expensive purchase, so it's not something you'll want to be using without some sort of case or cover. These come in various different types, but we recommend going for a sturdy case if possible, as that will offer the best protection. For more options see our best iPad cases buying guide.


Do I need accessories for the iPad?

No! You don't need a multitude of accessories for the iPad. But it does make using the device a lot easier. Whilst you can type on the keyboard on the screen, it always feels a bit more natural to type on an external keyboard. Investing in the Apple Pencil or an alternative stylus is also a great addition to your tablet as it opens up a wide array of creative opportunities and makes note taking super easy. 

A good case and screen protector are also great investments as they will ensure your device is safe from any costly damage. In short, you don't need accessories to get started on your iPad – but it's definitely not a bad idea to check out your options. 

Is it worth getting an Apple Pencil for the iPad?

The answer depends on what you're going to be using your iPad for. Will it be for digital art, photo editing and doodling? Then the answer is yes. The Apple Pencil provides the best stylus experience for the iPad, with advanced pressure sensitivity, touch controls and magnetic charging (for the Apple Pencil 2) it's worth the investment. 

If you're just going to be using your iPad for general browsing, note taking and streaming then the Apple Pencil probably isn't worth the pricey investment. Alternatively, you can always check out the best Apple Pencil alternatives.

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