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Ridiculous tutorial reveals the 4 steps to logo design

Quick logo tutorial
(Image credit: logopaul on reddit)

Designers are often up against the clock, so any advice to speed things up is welcome, right? When it comes to logo design, this may not be the case – as one Reddit post from early 2020 proves. According to the post, there are only four steps to logo design. You simply import your sketch into your software of choice, add a pixel grid to the sketch, start building the logo using shapes and, finally, combine all the shapes and finish the logo. Voila.

Does this sound right to you? We didn't think so. If you're looking for more comprehensive advice, see our logo design inspiration post, or check out our favourite monogram logos or 3-letter logos. Wanting a simple way to make your own? Here's our pick of the best free logo designer software. Or, to find out more about this nugget of wisdom, keep reading.

Quick logo tutorial - all

Four steps to... something (Image credit: logopaul on reddit)

There are clearly a number of flaws in the process and reactions to the post were mixed. One responder pointed out the obvious: "What comes before step one is the hardest part." Quite. Other comments were even more scathing.

If you want to fill some more of those knowledge gaps, then you might be better off taking a look at our logo design guide, or top typography tutorials post. 

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