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These Illustrator hacks could totally change your workflow

Even for the most seasoned creative pros, there'll always be something new to be learned about Photoshop and Illustrator. Our Photoshop tutorials and Illustrator tutorials are a great place to start, but generous digital artists can often be found sharing tips of their own.

One designer has taken to Twitter to share various hacks for Adobe Illustrator, and they might just change the way you work. Matthew Lucas's tips include how to draw inside shapes, how to choose which stylings are selected along with an image, and how simply holding alt can totally enhance your pathfinder options:

While these tips are probably a little specific for beginners, many of them seem to be new to a few Illustrator pros, with other designers rushing to thank Lucas for the intel. It seems it's never too late to learn something new about the software (check out Adobe's current Creative Cloud plans if you're just getting started). 

Perhaps even Adobe itself could do well to check out Lucas's tips – the company's new Creative Cloud icons have recently come under fire with designers for basically all looking the same. If you're ready to start your Creative Cloud journey, check out the best deals below. 

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