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The secret Cadbury logo image you've probably never noticed

Cadbury Roses are synonymous with many things, from thank yous and apologies, to Christmas to our grandma's house. But even if you've spent many a festive season working through several boxes, you may have never spotted a hidden easter egg (not the chocolate kind) on the packaging itself.

One eagle-eyed confectionary connoisseur has taken to Reddit to point out a secret message inside the titular flower design on the chocolate box. The petals in the centre of the rose recreate the 'C' from the Cadbury logo. Many of our best logos feature hidden messages, but this is one we've never spotted before.

The Cadbury 'C' is the heart of the Rose from r/DesignPorn

Other Reddit users are clearly as surprised as we are. "Woah, dude," one simply exclaims, while another adds, "never realised". Some also took the opportunity to air their views on product itself: "Shame they didn't spend as much effort on the chocolates". And then, of course, there are those who simply can't understand why they're looking at Cadbury Roses when it isn't Christmas.

Cadbury Roses first arrived in 1938 with, according to Cadbury's website, one of the "most popular" slogans in advertising history: "Thank you Very Much". Cadbury recently celebrated Roses' 80 year anniversary with a brand new ad declaring the chocolates, "Another way to say thank you" (below). 

While the rose design isn't new, Cadbury itself gained a brand new logo this year, which we loved except for one tiny detail. And when it comes to hidden messages inside logos, they're always popping up in unexpected places – this huge infographic contains a whopping 50 examples

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