Can you guess the most popular TV ad of all time?

(Image credit: Cadbury)

Every brand or retailer's dream is to create an advert that takes on a life of its own and cements itself in the public consciousness. A few brands have managed just this, to create a TV spot that has stood the test of time and remains recognisable and well loved years after it has finished airing. 

Creative advertising agency Impero has polled 2,000 people to discover the UK's favourite adverts ever – and the winner probably won't surprise you. Coca-Cola's festive favourite Holidays are Coming spot took the top spot – scroll down to check out the rest of the top five.

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Steven Jenkins is a freelance content creator who has worked in the creative industry for over 20 years. The web and design are in his blood. He started out as a web designer before becoming the editor of Web Designer magazine and later net magazine. Loud guitars, AFC Bournemouth, Photoshop, CSS, and trying to save the world take up the rest of this time.