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Quiz: How well do you know your car logos?

(Image credit: WhoCanFixMyCar)

Car logos are everywhere, which makes them the perfect fodder for a logo quiz designed to drive you wild. Some of the most well-known and most iconic logos sit on the front of cars but, unless you're a self-confessed car geek, it's possible you think you know them better than you do. 

Test your knowledge with the Ultimate Car Logo Quiz, which is actually quite hard in places. Famous car logos are shown in pairs, one original and one slightly tampered with, and your job is to choose the correct one. This game contains some of the best logos ever, so some were a breeze to recognise but we have to admit we faltered with a few. Some of these are pretty subtle.


Which way does it face? (Image credit: Ferrari on WhoCanFixMyCar)

Though you may be able to identify the direction the Ferrari horse faces (above), you might ponder for longer on which font exactly is used on the Peugeot brandname. And don't get us started on that Abarth logo (below), it's like playing a game of spot the difference.

car logo Abarth

What is different, exactly? (Image credit: Abarth on WhoCanFixMyCar)

As a bonus, as you uncover the right (or wrong) answers, you get interesting nuggets of logo trivia, which we're always game for. Head over to Who Can Fix My Car to try out the quiz for yourself.

If this quiz has whet your appetite for even more car logo fun, see if you can identify the brand from its original logo. Or check out the time people tried (and failed) to draw car logos from memory – it's (apparently) not as easy as you'd think.

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