Quiz: Can you identify these original car logos?

We love deciphering the evolution of a logo, and we love a good quiz. Put the two together and it's design geek party-time. This particular quiz is a jaunt through car logos of the past, and a fun exercise in matching past logos to a well-known brand. 

It contains lots of big hitters in the car industry, who all have iconic logos that wouldn't be out of place in our best logos roundup, so it's easy to assume you'll smash this quiz. But if previous logo memory challenges have taught us anything, it's that it isn't always easy to recall the specific components of a brand's logo – even when you've seen it hundreds of times before. Plus, who's to say the current logo looks anything like the original?

Mystery logo

Call on all the clues available to work out the brand (Image credit: David Spence on Drive Tribe)

Car specialist Dave Spence created the quiz, which is made up of images of original logo designs with the wordmarks blanked out. So, working out the answer based on shape, typography, style and colour should be easy, right? In some cases that's a breeze, but other logos are so transformed that it's not as simple as you'd think. In fact, there's one in particular that may as well have contained the wordmark, as even that bears no resemblance to the current brand name. 

mystery logo

Does this logo look anything like the current version? (Image credit: David Spence on Drive Tribe)

Volkswagen has one of the most well-documented logos in the design industry, with its previous incarnation being subject to stringent trademark rules that were disregarded for the digital era in its newest update. So that one isn't so tricky. But though other car brands feature on our pick of the 7 best car logos, you may not be so familiar with their history, which makes for a more testing, well... test. 

Head over to DriveTribe to take the quiz

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