Coca-Cola tweaks brand with magical new logo - and it's genius

A collection of images of the new Coca-Cola logo.
(Image credit: Coca-Cola)

It isn't every day that we see a company as big as Coca-Cola tweak its brand, but the soft drink giant has just revealed its magical new logo. Featuring a fresh wrap-around logo called the 'Hug' and a new tagline, this design is genius. 

Coca-Cola has been running the fizzy drink game for decades now, and its logo has become an icon of modern culture. But the famous logo that we all know and love has just had an ingenious makeover – and we love it. If you are hoping to design your own clever logo, make sure you check out our 15 golden rules on logo design.  

A Coca-Cola print ad for the 'Real Magic' campaign

The ingenious design looks as though the logo is wrapped around a Coke bottle (Image credit: Coca-Cola)

The new logo features the traditional Coca-Cola logo but is slightly wrapped around what we can only presume is an invisible Coke bottle. It's amazing that the brand is so well recognised, that we can decipher the shape of the Coke bottle, despite it not even being there. The new logo is apparently inspired by togetherness, and the actual action of a hug, hence the wrapped around logo imitating that of arms mid-hug. 

The new logo is accompanied by a new campaign and the tagline "Real Magic." In the ad (below) for the branding update, viewers watch as a bottle of Coke sparks peace between players on an online game. And despite this ad feeling oddly similar to the advert when Kendall Jenner controversially solved world peace with a can of Pepsi, we think the new logo and the values behind the "Real Magic" are actually rather endearing.

Chief marketing officer Manolo Arroyo at Coca-Cola has said the "Real Magic" is "not just a tagline" and that it is "a philosophy." According to an article on the Coca-Cola company website, the intentions behind the new campaign are to "increase the Coca-Cola consumer base through an ecosystem of experiences anchored in consumption occasions, such as meals and breaks, and merged with consumer passion points like music and gaming."

The campaign features work from a number of artists and photographers that celebrates togetherness and inclusivity. With vibrancy, happiness and diversity all included in the new campaign, a number of new print ads will feature a range of colourful mediums. 

The new logo has been praised online by Twitter users with users dubbing  the campaign as "happiness to look at," and another calling the campaign "magic." It's apparent the internet likes the rebrand as much as we do.

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We love this new friendly rebrand and love the fact that Coca-Cola have chosen to feature a number of different creative mediums. If you want to try your hand at logo design, then why not have a look at our roundup of the best free logo designer.

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