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Become a creative genius: 5-day plan to unlock the imaginative wizard in you

With 2020 almost over, it will soon be time to start afresh (hurrah). And this January, why not aim high with your resolutions? You could become a bona fide creative genius in five short days with this infographic from Zippi, which shows you how to start making your masterpiece in less than a week.

This brilliant infographic is stuffed full of tips on getting inspiration, tackling creative block and promoting yourself. It even walks you through every day of the process so you'll soon be well on your way to completing that project you haven't got round to this year.

Simply scroll through the image below to read the whole infographic – or you can click the icon in the top right of the image to see the full-sized version. If this inspires you to design your own data visualisation, take a look at our list of top infographic tools.

Click the icon in the top right to view the large version

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