Dell reveals new logo

Last October saw the largest technology merger in history, with Dell combining with the EMC Corporation to become the world's biggest privately controlled technology business. Since then, the newly named Dell Technologies have been busy working on their brand strategies, including the creation of a new primary logo design that reflects the company's origins.

The new Dell logo is accompanied by branding that represents the start of something new

Created in partnership with strategy and design agency Brand Union, the Dell Technologies logo sees as subtle tweak to the existing Dell wordmark. Famous for its canted 'e', the Dell logo was an instantly recognisable design which Brand Union were keen to respect in their rebrand.

Similarly, the serifed typography of the EMC Corporation was carried over into the new logo via the use of the Replica font.

Brand Union were eager to respect the heritage of both companies

By slimming down the font while keeping the same iconic shape of the canted 'e', this new design carries over the distinct identities of Dell and the EMC Corporation without getting cluttered.

The new logos, icons and colour configurations will appear on Dell Technologies' products, adverts and digital platforms.