Disney's magical new short film unites classic characters

Disney character Moana holding Flounder from The Little Mermaid
(Image credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Disney has released the trailer for its upcoming short film 'Once Upon a Studio', created in celebration of the Studio's 100th anniversary. The brief trailer is packed with some of Disney's most iconic characters and looks set to be a delightful nostalgia trip.

With a blend of classic Disney movies and modern classics, the short will unite generations of Disney films, from Pinnochio to Frozen, with a clever mix of hand-drawn and CGI animation I'm not sure I've seen before from Disney. See the trailer below, and if you'd like to try your hand at animation, check out our collection of the best animation software to get you started. 

Featuring nearly 600 characters from over 85 short films and full-length features, there will definitely be a few familiar faces among the cast. The story will follow the animated crew as they reunite for a grand group photo celebrating the studio's centenary, in what Disney calls "a joyful, entertaining and emotional reunion." 

The live-action animated hybrid blends traditional hand-drawn work with modern CGI, unifying Disney's diverse animation styles. It's refreshing to see Disney combining such different illustrative styles – I especially like the mix of Flounder and Moana (pictured at the top). The film will exemplify Disney's creative evolution in this way, spotlighting the history of "10 decades of storytelling, artistry and technological achievements."

Once Upon a Studio poster

(Image credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios)

As well as beloved characters, astute fans might notice the return of some familiar voices, as approximately 40 original voice actors will be reprising their roles, such as Dwayne Johnson (Maui from Moana). In keeping with the revival of classic characters, Disney has also included archival sounds from classic voice actors like Cliff Edwards, the iconic voice of Jiminy Cricket.

The film will debut as part of 'The Wonderful World of Disney: Disney's 100th Anniversary Celebration!' which airs on ABC on 15th October. And this short film isn't the only centenary celebration that Disney has launched, check out the LEGO Disney castle and the limited edition Disney 100 movie box set.

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