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Disneyland's magical 30th Anniversary logo has a brilliant hidden meaning

A screenshot from the 30th anniversary announcement video.
(Image credit: Disneyland Paris)

Disney is no stranger to wonderful design Easter eggs, and its latest logo is no different. With Disneyland Paris reaching its 30th anniversary next year, the theme park announced its celebrations with a video on social media that featured a magical new anniversary logo with multiple meanings. 

The short video features old footage of the theme park and reveals that the celebrations begin during March 2022. However, if you watch the clip until the end, Disneyland Paris showcases its anniversary logo of the number 30 that cleverly turns to reveal the famous Mickey Mouse ears. Fancy crafting your own iconic logo? Make sure you check out our 15 top tips on logo design.

The design has been going down a treat on social media, with the logo being added to the DesignPorn Reddit page and fans flooding the Disneyland Paris posts with thousands of comments. However, it seems as though some users missed the clever design at first glance, and it's resulted in some very funny comments. 

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disneyland_paris_30th_anniversary_logo from r/DesignPorn
disneyland_paris_30th_anniversary_logo from r/DesignPorn

One fan pointed out that they preferred the 30th anniversary logo to the 25th — and we totally agree. We love how this simple design that incorporates both the number 30 and a wholesome nod back to the origins of Disney with the Mickey Mouse ears. 

A comparison between the 30th and 25th anniversary logos for Disneyland Paris.

We definitely prefer the 30th Anniversary logo.  (Image credit: Disneyland Paris)

We love a good Easter egg here at Creative Bloq and Disney is never lacking them. It was only recently that beady-eyed fans spotted an Easter egg in Toy Story 4 that could've caused an absolute disaster. If you wanted to search for your own Easter eggs, then check out our deals for Disney+ where you can indulge yourself in your favourite movies.  

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