Can you guess the 10 most memorable logos ever?

A colourful montage of lots of famous logos
(Image credit: Apple/McDonald's/Pepsi/Nasa/Google/Amazon/Coca-Cola/Nike/Disney/Starbucks/Twitter/Ferrari/FedEx)

A new study has emerged revealing the UK's most memorable logos and favourable design traits. The study has thrown up some surprising results, and with the help of the nifty infographic from Vistaprint, designers can use the data to help make their own logo designs stand out. 

The study asked 2000 adults a range of design-related questions about what logos they found most memorable, what colours they trust most, and the effect well-designed branding has on them. With people voting that food brands have the best logos, and over 55s voting for blue as the most trustworthy colour, while Gen Z opted for monochrome or neutral colours, the results have proved fascinating. Make sure to check out how their top 10 compares to our own list of the best logos of all time. 

A graphic of an older woman and a young man sat on a bench captioned 'blue is also the favourite logo colour for over 55's but Gen Z is leading the charge for monochrome and more neutral logos with black being this age group's preference.'

Gen Z supposedly prefer a monochrome or neutral logo. (Image credit: Vistaprint)

The study also revealed the top ten most memorable logos according to the UK public. It may be no surprise that Apple, McDonald's and Coca-Cola were amongst the top 10, but there may be a couple you didn't expect to be so high up. Audi unbelievably placed sixth (even above Nike), with its logo that recently proved pretty unmemorable in a study where people were asked to draw the logo from memory (and failed). Cadbury also made it to the top ten despite its recent criticism from the internet after the release of its somewhat illegible new logo. 

  • 1. Apple 
  • 2. Amazon
  • 3. Coca-Cola 
  • 4. McDonald's 
  • 5. Adidas 
  • 6. Audi 
  • 7. Nike 
  • 8. Google 
  • 9. BBC 
  • 10. Cadbury's

The Vistaprint study also shows that more than a quarter of us are likely to buy from a small business with a well-designed logo, and that as shoppers, 50% of us expect small businesses to have just as memorable a logo as large companies. 

Infographic of two stats. One using the graphic of a pizza says: 'more that quarter (27%) of UK consumers say that they are more likely to buy from small businesses with a well-design logo.' and another graphic of a Starbucks Cafe opposite an independent coffee chain that reads '50% of shoppers expect large companies and small businesses to have equally as memorable logos, suggesting a level playing field for small businesses and big national chains.'

Shoppers expecting small businesses to have just as memorable a logo as large companies gives independents a level-playing field against the brand giants.  (Image credit: Vistaprint)

The handy infographic is packed full of logo and branding tips for designers. It also explains the importance of getting it right – even as a small company, your branding can have a massive impact on whether consumers will decide to take the plunge. For more tips, see our steps to consider to create better logos. If you are wanting to design your own logo, then make sure to check out our latest Adobe Creative Cloud deals.

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