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Doctor Who Daleks get a redesign – and fans are overjoyed

Dalek design
(Image credit: BBC America)

Whovians will be eagerly awaiting this Christmas' brand-new Doctor Who special and, this year, the iconic Dalek will be firmly centre-stage. The Revolution of the Daleks will have a plot line that sees the Daleks take on the universe, and the (terrifying) robot-like creatures will also be subject to a drastic makeover.

The new Dalek design (see it above) is quite a departure from anything that's come before, but ardent fans needn't panic. Knowing how protective Whovians can be over the Dalek design, show insiders have emphasised that the upcoming redesign will not be a replacement Dalek, but an addition to the existing cohort – albeit one that will be heavily featured in the Christmas special. Let's hope they took note of our character design tips before embarking on the project. 

New Dalek

The new Dalek in all its glory (Image credit: Radio Times)

Radio Times showcases the new Dalek design on its most recent cover (above), and the sleek, futuristic shell feels a lot slicker than previous Daleks. There's no ramshackle, put-together-from-scrap feel to this new character, which looks futuristic, threatening and, frankly, like nothing will get past it. We certainly wouldn't like to take it on.

In the Radio Times feature (opens in new tab), Doctor Who executive producer Matt Strevens admits there were challenges in creating the new, improved Dalek. "You can't stray too far from the classic design," he says, "but then what can you do within that? How can you make them feel different, and relevant, and sexy, and lethal as well?"

Get a glimpse of the Daleks in action in the below trailer for The Revolution of the Daleks.

It seems Streven and the design team have done well as responses on Twitter are overwhelmingly positive, with fans sharing their excitement and even their own designs.

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It's certainly quite a change from the previous bronze iteration (below), and we think they make quite a striking pair with the contrasting design.

Bronze Dalek

The bronze Dalek has not gone forever (Image credit: Radio Times)

Luckily for the show, the final result has been much more successful than the leak earlier this year had us believe it would be. Responses to that design were certainly not positive, which proves exactly how much can change over the course of filming and post-production. We can't wait to see the Dalek in action this Christmas.

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