We can't stop looking at the Domino's x Stranger Things mashup

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Domino's has launched a genius new collaboration with cult favourite Stranger Things, in the form of an immersive app. Given there are few better bedfellows than pizza and TV, the mashup isn't a total surprise. But we weren't prepared for the level of creativity displayed by the marketing campaign, which includes links to the Stranger Things world, Domino's branding history and up-to-the-minute technology.

In true Stranger Things fashion, the Domino's Mind Ordering app allows customers to order pizza using... you've guess it, their minds. Yes really. Added to that, when exploring the Hawkins National Lab within the app, there's a bunch of Stranger Things Easter Eggs to find (if you love an Easter Egg, see our Google Easter Eggs post for more). Check out the trailer below:

Okay, okay, it's time to give up the secret – there's not actually any mind reading going on here. The app uses facial recognition and eye tracking to take your order. But for app design nerds like us, that's as exciting as any psychic wizardry. 

We appreciate the attention to detail in the tie-in with Domino's branding history, too. Since Stranger Things series four (released on May 27) will be set in 1986, there's a series of branding flashbacks to Domino's in 1986, with retro packaging sent out with certain orders (people love this, as you can see below). And Domino's advertising character Noid, first seen in 1986, can also be found within the app.

People are unanimously delighted with the mashup on Twitter, with users praising the boxes: 

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And the concept itself:

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So, if you're a fan of Stranger Things and Domino's, you really couldn't do better than this for a proper geek-out. We're just sad we can't have a try in the United Kingdom. Download the Android app here, and the Apple version right here. Want to explore some less successful design? Check out our picks of the worst designs of 2022 so far.

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