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Y&R-designed Euro 2020 logo and identity revealed

UEFA has revealed the logo design and branding for the next European Championships soccer tournament in London. Young & Rubicam Portugal was selected as the creative agency following an international pitch to develop the brand for Euro 2020. 

The logo design focuses on a bridge motif, selected to represent the unity between the 13 host cities in what is the first 'Euro for Europe'. Hélder Pombinho, Y&R creative director, underlines the importance of the visual identity system conveying the message of union, saying: "Where bridges become the common denominator that brings host cities together as one."

The tournament is unique in that there is no host country – 13 cities have been selected to host matches during the Euro 2020 finals, with London's Wembley Stadium chosen to hold the semi-finals and final.

The so-called 'Euro for Europe' format has been reflected in the branding, with various landmarks from the 13 cities incorporated in the design, while the Euro 2020 logo features the Henri Delaunay Trophy as its centrepiece above the bridge motif.

The trophy is named in honour of Henri Delaunay, the first General Secretary of UEFA, who first came up with the idea of a European championship but died before the first competition in 1960.

The UEFA European Championship Trophy by Piotr Drabik (Flickr), via Wikimedia Commons

The UEFA European Championship Trophy by Piotr Drabik (Flickr), via Wikimedia Commons

A statement on the UEFA website says: "At the heart of the championship's new visual identity is the bridge – a simple, universal symbol of connection. Each of the accompanying 13 unique host logos will feature a single iconic bridge from the city in question. 

"London's logo, unveiled today, therefore incorporates the famous Tower Bridge, while the remaining 12 logos will be revealed one by one at individual launches."

UEFA also revealed a GIF featuring each of the European Championships' logos – which is your favourite?