Hate Sony's PS5 design? You'll love this sleek all-black mod

A comparison between the Sony PS5 vs the modded version of the PS5.
(Image credit: Sony/Dbrand/Lupus/Pixabay/Future)

We know you hate the PlayStation 5's white plates just as much as we do, but what if we told you the white PS5's reign was over? That's right, say hello to Darkplates (again).

Dbrand has created the Darkplates 2.0, which will get rid of that infamous white collar on your PS5. The Darkplates 2.0 are simple sheets that you can attach to your PS5 to replace the white sides on your console. The plates offer not only a sleek all-black look, but also improve the performance of your PS5 by giving your console a helping hand with the ventilation. Still haven't got your hands on your own Play Station 5? Make sure you check out our PS5 guide on where and how to buy one. 

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After Dbrand taunted Sony with the slogan "go ahead, sue us" on its first Darkplates design, Sony sure enough tried to sue them, and thus came the birth of Darkplates 2.0. Just days after the first Darkplates were taken off the market, Dbrand has announced the new Darkplates 2.0. The new design sports vents and improved thermals, and a new slogan of "checkmate, Lawyers" now sits proudly at the top of the Darkplates 2.0 web page. Dbrand has also made it abundantly clear that these plates are completely lawyer-proof by even adding "not illegal" to the product description. 

The Darkplates 2.0 will come in three colours, black, white and retro grey with designs to fit both the disc and digital console. You can also customise the middle of your console with a 'middle skin' that comes in five different designs. But the fun doesn't stop there, the Darkplates even have built-in LEDs, that you can custom select the colour of which we think is possibly the coolest part of the Darkplates 2.0. 

A custom designed Darkplates mod on a PlayStation 5.

We had a go at customising our own Darkplates, and chose the black Darkplates, triple black middle skin and in true Creative Bloq fashion, orange LEDs (Image credit: Dbrand)

The Darkplates 2.0 have been causing a stir online, with users taking to Twitter to reply to the announcement of the new PS5 mods. One user responded to Dbrand's tweet with "Do I need to own a PS5 to buy this? Or can I just hang it on my wall like the masterpiece it is?" and another user replied to Dbrand with "I didn't think I could love you anymore, but here we are." It's obvious that the Darkplates are very popular online with every pre-order so far selling out and with fans now pre-ordering for January's drop. 

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The new Darkplates 2.0 are available to pre-order right now and will be shipped out in January. But if you haven't been lucky enough to pick up the elusive PS5 in one of Sony's restocks, then why not check out our roundup of the best consoles available today? 

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