I've waited 15 years for this portable GameCube console

A screenshot of the GameCube portable
(Image credit: GingerOfOz)

If you grew up in the '00s, then you're probably familiar with the Nintendo GameCube. The console was around between 2001 and 2007, but its legacy lives on as one of the most iconic games consoles of all time. And now, over 20 years after it was first released, the device is getting a portable makeover. 

The Nintendo console was originally made to be plugged in and played on via the TV, much like the Wii or Sony's PlayStation is today. With the handheld consoles like the Game Boy Advance and DS circulating too, a portable GameCube didn't seem to be in much demand, until now. One YouTuber has transformed his GameCube into a portable device and its seriously cool. If you're looking to buy a new way to game, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best games consoles

YouTuber GignerofOz has created the portable GameCube based on a mock-up that started circulating around the internet in 2005. In the original render, created by artist gcpguy22, the portable console is actually named the Nintendo GameCube Advanced (presumably inspired by the Game Boy). The DIY console uses a Wii motherboard to support the GameCube games and has a 480p screen, which is what the original games run on. 

And if you're looking at this DIY console and feel the need to own one yourself, then you're in luck (sort of). The YouTube video pretty much walks you through exactly how to create your very own GameCube portable (but you might have to check out our roundup of the best 3D printers first). 

After watching the whole YouTube video, I am super impressed with the creator's attention to detail. The real product is true to the original render and I would seriously like to have a go on it – just imagine how cute Sonic's Chao garden would be on a portable GameCube. 

It looks as though the internet is also loving the console, as over 371,000 people have viewed the video and many have flooded the comment section with compliments. One YouTube user commented, "I know this probably isn’t for sale but I will pay big for this! This is exactly what I’ve wanted for like 20 years!" and another said, "Impressive. I saw that fake one many years ago, so nostalgic". 

While the YouTuber isn't willing to sell his device just yet, it's amazing to see such an innovative project. It kind of reminds us of when we saw someone create that super long GameBoy advanced. If you're feeling inspired to create your own bizarre games console hybrid, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best 3D modelling software

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