Wear glasses? This could be the face mask for you

Face masks have become one of the most ubiquitous aspects of life after lockdown, with the coverings now required on public transport and in shops in many parts of the world. And while the safety benefits are obvious, a few unexpected side-effects from mask-wearing have emerged, from issues with Apple's Face ID to steamed-up glasses. But one Japanese company may have found a solution to the latter.

If you haven't found the perfect mask yet, our where to buy a face mask guide has you covered. But if you're bespectacled, you may want to take a look at this new offering from Kagomedia. Unlike traditional masks, Glasses Mask attaches directly to your glasses rather than your face.

Face mask

Glasses Mask in action (Image credit: Glasses Mask)

According to the company's website, this "mask for new normal" offers several benefits. Most importantly for glasses-wearers, the mask will allegedly prevent fogging, since being attached to the frames allows excellent breathability. Kagomedia also claims the mask is more comfortable – it won't hurt your ears, because it isn't attached to them.

Other benefits include compatibility with smartphone face recognition, as well as reduced chance of skin issues (sometimes creatively referred to as 'maskne'), thanks to the fact that few parts come into direct contact with the skin. 

face mask

Spot the face mask... (Image credit: Kagomedia)

While Kagomedia talks up the 'barely-there' design, that's ironically where our main reservations lie. Increased breathability and decreased contact with the skin sound great for comfort, but perhaps not for safety. And that's not to mention how it could be perceived by others – an invisible mask might not make you the most popular person in the room (an issue you certainly won't face with these definitely-there Disney face masks). 

Still, the company doesn't appear to claim that Glasses Mask counts as medical-grade PPE – and it certainly looks like a stylish, semi-protective measure for those already rocking eyewear. You can currently order Glasses Mask via Amazon Japan for ¥1,375 (around $13/£10), with shipping available outside Japan. If you're looking for an even more creative option, look no further than our guide to how to make a face mask

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