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7 top graphic design trends for 2021 revealed

After experiencing all the year has thrown at us so far, we can't be the only ones looking forward to 2021 (it hasn't been cancelled yet, has it?). Perfect for creatives who want to get a jumpstart on life beyond Christmas, this infographic sets out seven key graphic design trends expected to blow up next year.

Full of useful information, this infographic from Ryan McCready might be one of the best we've seen (check our list of best infographics for more). It intelligently explains why certain trends are on the way – relating them to current consumer needs in relation to the rollercoaster that has been 2020 (muted colour palettes instead of bold, brash colours, for example – because they feel safe and secure). Click the picture below to see it in its full glory.

Click to see the full infographic (Image credit: Ryan McCready on

According to the graphic, the general design arc will be to favour simplicity and practicality. This means that flat icons and illustrations are making a comeback, classic serif fonts will take centre-stage and text-heavy videos are here to stay as a necessity (because of the limitations the pandemic has put on shooting production-heavy footage). 

You can also look forward to seeing (and creating) simple data visualisations, an abundance of geometric shapes and social media slide decks to communicate longer messages (things are probably going to remain pretty complicated, after all).

The infographic explains the reasons behind these trend picks in a succinct and engaging way, so we'll leave you to enjoy the rest – and you can see the original post here. If this has whet your appetite for information and you want more infographic fun, you can't go wrong with this bumper infographic revealing a whopping 50 logo design secrets

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