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Reimagined Helvetica is a hilarious horror story

(Image credit: Zach Roif)

Bad kerning can have the ability to fill even the calmest of designers with rage. Kerning's a fundamental part of typography design, so there's simply no excuse for disproportionate space between characters in a font. Until now. 

Hellvetica is a new project from designer Zach Roif that makes us want to both laugh, gouge our eyes out and immediately revisit some typography tutorials at the same time. It's described by Roif as being "Like Helvetica, but with like, much shittier kerning for Halloween." 

He's not lying.

However, despite defying every principle of good kerning, designers across the globe have fully embraced the fun side of Hellvetica. And the responses to it on Twitter are nothing short of brilliant.

The rage-inducing-but-also-hilarious free font design (see more free fonts here) has already been downloaded by hundreds of creatives, who have used it for everything including sending emails to other poor unsuspecting individuals, setting it as their system font and applying it to some of the world's most recognisable logos and signage. 

While Hellvetica is obviously tongue-in-cheek, Twitter user Adam Tenhouse was quick to point out its potential, saying: "Slap this on a horror movie poster, absolutely no photography, just pure typographic threat, truly you'd go places." We think he's got a point. 

We have no idea what motivated Roif to creative Hellvetica, much like we have no idea why we love it so much. But we do. Check it out here

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