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Hilarious Adobe videos poke fun out of Hovering Art Directors

The working day of a digital artist is filled with irritations. When they're not processing bizarre feedback from clients or struggling to interpret a dense brief, chances are they're working at full tilt to meet an impossible deadline. However all of these problems pale in comparison to the pain inflicted by a Hovering Art Director.

Not familiar with the Hovering Art Director? You'll find them buzzing around an artist's desk, chipping in useless thoughts and marvelling at their own genius. They take micromanagement to new heights and can suck the life out of any project. They're also the subject of Adobe's hilarious new video spots.

In a collection of so-accurate-they're-painful videos, Adobe targets art directors who just don't know when to step back. They're all part of a campaign that show how the integration of Adobe Stock and Adobe Creative Cloud make it easier to search for and license high-quality assets without leaving your favourite apps, but they're also funny in their own right.

Following the struggles of an artist just trying to do his job in the face of inane advice from his art director, and featuring logic-melting phrases like "can you make it playful, but quite rough, but also epic but quite modest", we think these videos tell a story that every creative can relate to. Just be sure your art director isn't around when you share these round the office.

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