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Innocent Drinks' new rebrand is hilariously bad

Innocent rebrand
One of Innocent Drinks' joke rebrand attempts (Image credit: Innocent)

It's not often that we get to see the process that goes into a rebrand – normally we just get the final product along with a few words about the rationale behind it (if we're lucky). But Innocent Drinks has done things a little differently when it comes to introducing its new rebrand, or as Innocent calls it, Re-Re-Re-Re-Re-Re-Re-Re-Re-Rebrand.

In a tongue-in-cheek video posted on Twitter, the brand shows several unused options for the rebrand of its Super Smoothie range packaging (maybe the team should have looked at our stand out examples of packaging design for inspiration). It also depicts a humorous email back-and-forth with the marketing team, which will be familiar to any graphic designer. It's fair to say that Innocent's work-in-progress versions are pretty dire, which is, of course, the joke.

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From the abundance of Microsoft Word Art (remember that?) and stretched images, to the fake characters (it took us far too long to spot that Innocent's pretend marketing officer has been named Mark Eting), the video is a hilarious parody of the rebranding process. And was no doubt a fun project for whoever got to come up with the bad designs. Innocent might want to lay off mocking Comic Sans, though – as we recently discovered, the font has more fans than you might think

Innocent drinks

One of Innocent's supposed rebrand attempts (Image credit: Innocent)

The video is all fun and games, but what about the actual rebrand? After the distraction of all those comedy options, the finished version (below) can't help looking a little, well, safe. That said, the splash of colour feels decidedly more on-brand than the previous, bizarrely grungy black aesthetic. 

Innocent smoothies

The new colourful packaging (right) certainly looks more innocent (Image credit: Innocent/Future Owns)

As rebrands go, we'd say Innocent's effort, while not hugely exciting, is a serviceable success – and it scores bonus points for the hilarious accompanying video. It's certainly safe from our list of the most hated redesigns, which is more than we can say for TGI Fridays' new look

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