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This insect sex ad will have you squirming in your seat

Hornbach insect porn ad
(Image credit: Hornbach)

If the thought of insects copulating doesn't immediately bring to mind DIY, then that's about to change. German DIY brand Hornbach's new ad gets up close and personal with insects having sex, with the accompanying tagline of 'Biodiversity starts in your garden'. There's even a squelchy ASMR soundtrack, just in case you weren't already squirming in your seat.

The campaign was created by Heimat Berlin, with the CG insects made by Illusion CG Studio, and is supposed to promote Hornbach's environmentally friendly products. It might be a bit of a stretch to go from environmentally friendly fertiliser to some very friendly insects, but we'll go with it. Just like many of the best print ads, we're happy to (ahem) jump on board. 

The soundtrack of the ad, Dora Hall singing I love the outdoors by Jill Jackson and Seymour Miller, adds to the feel. We also particularly love the last few moments, where a lady digs her hand pretty sensually in some mud, stares at the camera while biting her lip and then seems to straddle her garden fork. If that doesn't get you in the mood for organic fertiliser then we don't know what will. 

The print campaign accompanying the ads is also pretty special. Just in case you didn't get that this is a campaign about sex, the prints ads are here to really spell it out. 

Hornbach sexy insects ads

Finally! (Image credit: Hornbach)

And of course drum home that all-important message about biodiversity. 

Hornbach sexy insects ads

Biodiversity has never looked so... horny (Image credit: Hornbach)

You can see more of Heimat's work for Hornbach on the agency's website, or those who speak German can learn more about Hornbach's campaign on its site.

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