If Apple's iPhone 15 looks like this, I'm sold

iPhone 15 concept
(Image credit: 4RMD)

Now that the dust has properly settled on the iPhone 14 line up, the rumour mill is turning its attention to the iPhone 15 – and so are the concept artists. One of the sleekest iPhone 15 concepts yet has just dropped, and if the real thing looks anything like this, it could make up for the slightly underwhelming entry-level iPhone 14.

Basically, the concept takes all the best iPhone 14 Pro features and sticks them in the standard 15. That means the Dynamic Island is here, as is the 14 Pro's always-on display. (In the market for new gear? Check out our Apple Black Friday live blog.)

Created by concept artist 4RMD, the video (above) is pretty spot-on attempt at a genuine-looking Apple ad (although the computer-generated voice is a little weird). But it's the idea of these Pro features hitting the basic iPhone that's truly exciting. 

As well as Dynamic Island (which concept artists are already imagining hitting other products like the iPad), the video imagines the super-smooth Pro-Motion display finally coming the the cheaper iPhone, as well as – drum roll – USB-C. That said, if recent rumours are to be believed, even if USB-C does hit the entire iPhone 15 range, Apple might still be keen to differentiate the Pro and not-so-Pro models by throttling performance on the latter. 

iPhone 14

Dynamic Island is one of the most exciting iPhone 14 Pro features (Image credit: Apple)

If there's one disappointment here, it's that the iPhone mini is still AWOL. Thanks to lower than expected sales, Apple discontinued the diminutive device this year (much to the dismay of the small-handed among us), opting instead to launch the larger 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus. Although recent reports suggest that one isn't a huge hit either, so who knows what the 2023 line up will look like?

Time will tell if any of these features will indeed come to the iPhone 15, but if this concept becomes a reality, it'll mean the most exciting features of this year's line up will finally become much more accessible. Don't fancy waiting? Check out the best iPhone 14 Pro deals available below, and take a look at our Apple Black Friday deals roundup.

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