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Awesome new James Bond poster reveals the best ever 007 outfits

James Bond
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No Time to Die has had a harder journey to cinema screens than most. Delayed approximately 29387 times thanks to the pandemic, the film is finally, we think, we hope, we believe, due for release this week. So what better time to feast your eyes on an infographic celebrating 007's iconic wardrobe? has put together a poster highlighting one costume from each Bond film. And rather than a simple symposium of style, it's actually a fascinating glimpse at how cinematic fashion has changed over the years, for better or (in many cases) worse. Check out the best infographics for more brilliant examples.

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Sure, there are plenty of suits to be found, but the infographic also reveals some of 007's more suspect sartorial choices. One need only look to the Roger Moore era to find some of Bond's most weird and wonderful (and, yes, camp) outfits. But then again, what clandestine secret agent hasn't worn a clown suit or bright yellow ski suit on the job? 

The site also reveals that the Bond with the biggest penchant for Martinis is Daniel Craig, while Sean Connery is the ultimate ladies man, with an average of 4.2 lovers per movie (as opposed to Craig's "mere" 2.5). 

With 25 official films, the franchise is ripe for exploration, hence the amount of infographics we've seen over the years. From the architecture of 007 to the simple better of who's the best Bond, we've seen no shortage of visual guides to the series. If you fancy making your own, check out the best infographic makers of 2021.

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