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Who's the best James Bond?

Click image to see full infographic

Click image to see full infographic

James Bond's latest adventure is finally here, with Spectre hitting the big screen with a bang. To coincide with the film's recent release, GB Show Plates put together this insightful Battle of the Bonds infographic, detailing some key 007 data.

Turns out Daniel Craig is the fastest Bond, with his average top car speed reaching a pulse-racing 174 MPH. But he's certainly not the deadliest – Pierce Bosnan takes that title with an of 33.75 kills per movie! Can you guess who's had the most kisses?

A new licence to kill

With Spectre being Daniel Craig's last appearance as the infamous spy, there's much speculation as to who will be the next Bond. Who do you think it should be? Let us know in the poll below.

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