Infographic reveals the world's most hated brands

Most hated brands infographic
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Brands love to pretend to be your best friend, but it takes a lot for a company to foster trust and goodwill. And as any brand that's been on the receiving end of a Twitter bashing will know, things can go south very quickly from a PR perspective. But which brands are the most consistently maligned on social media?

A new infographic has revealed the most hated brands in every country. Examining over 1M tweets, Rave Reviews has created a fascinating atlas of anger, and from tech to fast food, it seems no brand is safe from the ire of the internet. (Check out the best infographics if you're looking for more examples.)

Click to enlarge the infographic (Image credit: Rave Reviews)

Rave Reviews used the research tool SentiStrength to assess over a million brand-related tweets for positive or negative content. It seems the most hated brand in both the US and UK is Uber, while Tesla is the least popular brand in a whopping 7 countries. But what is the world's most hated brand? According to this infographic, it's Sony.

Yep, it seems the folks behind PlayStation 5 have attracted the most Twitter bashing, topping the list in 10 countries. We've have a feeling it could be all thanks to those ongoing PS5 stock issues (here's where to buy a PS5 if you fancy your chances). 

Indeed, no fandom loves to complain quite like gamers, so it's perhaps no surprise that Sony's been catching heat. And there are plenty of game developers on the infographic, with Ubisoft and Capcom leading the hall of shame. Nintendo, however, is clearly doing something right – it's only hated in a single country, Norway. (Check out the best Nintendo Switch deals if you're ready to start gaming). 

Of course, there are some flaws to the logic of the study – bigger brands are naturally going to attract more tweets, whether nasty or nice. But the internet loves to complain, and it's fascinating to see who's baring the brunt of it. If you're inspired to create your infographic (hate-themed or otherwise), check out the best infographic makers available now 

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