KFC's latest billboard is utterly shameless. We love it

KFC has form when it comes to advertising stunts. In the name of marketing, the brand has invented its own games console, created 3D printed chicken and shaved its own mascot's moustache – and that's all in the last 12 months. But this latest tactic might be its most shameless yet. 

To advertise a new restaurant in Majorca, the fast food chain has created a billboard featuring its logo in blue text over a yellow oval. Sound familiar? Yep – it looks like it belongs to another brand entirely, namely Ikea. Like all the best print ads, this one is guaranteed to make viewers double-take. 

KFC Ikea billboard

Looks familiar (Image credit: KFC Spain on Twitter)

So why is everyone's favourite fried chicken pedlar trying to look like everyone's favourite Swedish purveyor of flatpack furniture and meatballs? According to AdAge, it's because the Balearic island's Polígono de Son Malferit, where the new restaurant is located, is known popularly as "where Ikea is". 

Madrid agency PS21 decided to lean into this association, mimicking Ikea's colour scheme and typography for the ad. "The opening of this new restaurant is an opportunity to get closer to the inhabitants of this region. That's why we try to find local insights that allow us to be part of their everyday life," Beatriz Martinez, KFC Spain brand manager, said in a press release.

The billboard led to some good old brand banter on Twitter, with Ikea responding to KFC's image of the ad with an image of its chicken meatballs alongside the message (translated), "Thank you KFC for telling people where the #ChickenChicken is: on our HUVUDROLL meatballs.”

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KFC's attempts at joshing with other brands haven't always landed well (that Iceland attempt was pretty weak last year), but we reckon this one hits the spot. Not only is it a fun in-joke for locals who are aware of the location's Ikea connection, but it's also pretty striking to see one brand borrow another's, er, branding – especially when said branding is so simple and iconic. 

From Burger King's 'mouldy whopper' dig at McDonald's to these 5 times brands took on their rivals and won, we've seen plenty of brand beef over the years – but it seems Ikea is taking KFC's provocative ad in good humour. If you're inspired to create a poster design of your own, check out today's best Adobe Creative Cloud deals below.

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