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Apple WWDC 2022: all the big announcements

iOS 16, watchOS 9, and the new MacBook Air revealed.

The Apple WWDC 2022 event has finished and a plethora of new hardware and software was revealed. With keynotes from Apple's Tim Cook, and a real buzz about the audience, we were there to report back on all you need to know. 


A photo of the Mac Mini represents the new Mac Mini M2

(Image credit: Apple)

MacBook Air rumours – if, and this is a big if, Apple decides to show a new MacBook at WWDC 2022 then it will likely be a MacBook Air and I'm happy with that. Bloomberg's Mark Guman believes Apple wants to share the new M2-powered MacBook Air but Covid-related supply chain problems could push it back.

A photo of the Apple Mac Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

A fan-made render of Apple's rumoured VR headset (Image credit: Ian Zelbo/Future owns)

(Image credit: Future)

iOS 16 concept

(Image credit: Hacker 34 on YouTube)

A screen grab of the Apple Store

(Image credit: Apple)

What can we expect from iOS 16 at today's keynote? Rumours going around suggest a focus on social media connectivity and health and fitness in particular. Expect new and expanded sleep tracking and medicine management; a tool to scan pill bottles into the app, perhaps? Women's health in particular could be a major part of any updates.

Suggestions iPhone 14 could be announced later with an on sale date for September are also linked to speculation over the new iOS 16 features. It's rumoured iOS 16 will support buy now, pay later for Apple Pay, which could give Apple an edge as the cost of living crisis takes hold globally and we all look for ways to make our money work better. Apple may also introduce a subscription service for its hardware so we can pay monthly for our iPhones, iPads and Macs. 

A photo of someone using an Apple Pencil 2 on an iPad Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

One Apple dev attendee for today's WWDC 2022 event has been Tweeting some photos and updates from behind the scenes, including a look at the Apple Developer Center. This seems to be a dedicated space for Apple devs from third-party studios to pop in and swap ideas and approaches; a sign Apple is behaving a little more like its entrepreneurial older self.

A photo of the Apple AirPod

(Image credit: Apple)

Under an hour to go until the Apple WWDC 2022 keynote goes live, and here's hoping some of the rumours that have been going around come true. If only 10% happen this could be a fun evening of news and hype.

Apple’s WWDC 2022 keynote event is happening!

Those at the event are reporting a mix of AR and in real life experiences. Really interesting!

new iPhone screen

(Image credit: Apple)

iPhone messages

(Image credit: Apple)

Dictation is getting an update. You can mix typed messages and dictated spoken word, including punctuation and emoji use – it looks fluid and very smart. Apple is leading the way on approachable, accessible design.

Apple Pay is getting Tap To Pay – making small purchases easier. Apple Pay Later is confirmed. One of today's earlier rumours is an actual thing – pay for items over time at no additional cost. This sounds like a great new addition to Apple Pay given the current financial climate. 

A photo of a man in a tracksuit

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple Home app

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple Car Play app

(Image credit: Apple)

An image of Apple Watches

(Image credit: Apple)

More updates rumoured earlier are coming – we get new sleep tracking features to keep us healthy. You will be able to track and manage your mediations now too, which is a fantastic addition. We're getting excited for some of those hardware rumours now…

M2 chip image

(Image credit: Apple)

MacBook Air M2

(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple MacBook Air has a returning feature – the notch is there. Get ready for the fun to start all over again.

new Apple camera

(Image credit: Apple)

iPade iOS 16 will get shared tab groups, passkeys in Safari, weather is now on iPad and collaboration is key. Freeform is a shared virtual white board that can be altered and shared live on Facetime. This all feels a little metaverse-y to me.

So… the iPhone 6S, 7, and first-gen SE won’t get iOS 16. You're gong to need to upgrade your hardware to get the new features of 'Ventura' – that's the name of iOS 16.

Stage Manager coming to iPad means we can open multiple apps and lay them out over one another – like a laptop. Apple clearly wants iPad to draw closer to the workflow of a laptop than a traditional tablet. Add a second display, a doc and a Magic Keyboard and we have a good home-working setup to take on the road too. Eight apps running at once too, each using the display to its best.

That's the lot – no M2 Mac Min but the new M2 MacBook Air looks stunning and Stage Manager on iPad will greatly improve how we use this tablet.

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