These are our 5 favourite iOS 16 updates

The iOS 16 lock screen customisation
(Image credit: Apple)

Last night, fans gathered to watch Apple's annual WWDC event to get the lowdown on what to expect from the tech giant. While there were many updates to get excited about, like the new MacBook Air and macOS Ventura, I had my eye on what's in store for the iPhone and iPad – and iOS 16 did not disappoint. The new operating system is packed full of brand new updates, including the much-longed for ability to customise your lock screen.

We've chosen five of our favourite, game-changing updates here, but there are tons of other innovations too, such as live captions on FaceTime and multi-stop journeys on Maps. Missed the event? Catch up with the rest of Apple's WWDC news on the Apple website (and then the best Apple deals, just in case).

01. Lock screen customisation

Apple has finally gifted the world the lock screen customisation options everyone's been begging for. Yes, you now have the power to edit the lock screen font, colour and placement of elements. You can add widgets to your lock screen, set multiple photos as your background so it shuffles through and even customise how you want to view your notifications. Not to mention the fact that you will also be able to add 'Live Activities', weather and astronomy info to your home screen, too. 

We're excited to see how creative people get with the new customisation options. It's great that we will finally get to make our lock screens that extra bit more personal. I know for certain, that I will be making the most out of the astronomy and widget options on my lock screen, and I can't wait to finally shift that slightly boring Apple font. 

02. Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet

You can now add your ID to your Apple Wallet (Image credit: Apple)

Have you been out and about, only realise at the last minute that you've left your ID at home? Well, for some states in the US, you may never have to worry again as Apple has added the ability to add certain IDs to the wallet app, like driving licenses and other ID cards. 

It has also added the option of 'buy now, pay later' to the Apple Wallet. This means that you can spread the cost of a purchase over six weeks in four equal payments at 0 per cent APR (a little like Klarna or ClearPay already does). 

03. Stage Manager

The iOS 16 Stage Manager on iPad

Stage Manager allows you to have multiple apps open at once (Image credit: Apple)

Apple's iOS 16 adds Stage Manager to the iPad. It means that you can have overlapping windows open on your iPad, and even have them varying in size. For example, you can have your notes app up while you're in a meeting, or your favourite streaming service up as you surf the web. But before you get too excited, it'll only work on iPads that feature the M1 chip. (If you haven't already got an iPad with this powerful little chip, then why not check out the best iPad Pro deals?)

04. Messaging

The iOS 16 messaging

Finally, we can edit iMessages (Image credit: Apple)

Apple iMessaging is one of the most innovative messaging platforms out there already, and it's just got a whole lot better. iOS 16 allows you to mark messages as unread, undo send and best of all, edit messages. It means that you never have to worry about dodgy typos ever again. You can also recover deleted messages (within a 30 day window), send collaboration invites and developers can even build a 'Shared with You' section.

05. Focus

Focus Mode options

The Focus Mode is perfect for students and professionals who get easily distracted  (Image credit: Apple)

The updates to the Focus mode are life savers for those who get easily distracted (yes, myself included). Focus filters allow you to choose a select few apps to use at a time to help optimise your focus (i.e. hiding work apps while in personal focus mode). You can also set focus schedules, meaning that focus mode will automatically turn on when you need it to.

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