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10 unmissable logo design trends for 2021

We've seen no shortage of new logo designs in 2020, ranging from the successful to the downright baffling. And we've no doubt we'll be seeing just as many in 2021 – after all, being the first thing many people see, a company's logo is probably the most important aspect of its branding.

A new infographic by logo design service Logaster has arrived to tell you exactly what to expect from the world of logo design in 2021, along with several examples from the past year. While creating something as iconic or instantly recognisable as the best logos ever is far from easy, these 10 tips could help you design a bold and striking logo for 2021. 

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Logaster says 2021 is all about gradients (Image credit: Logaster)

Some of Logaster's predictions aren't exactly surprising – it'll probably come as a shock to nobody that minimalism is top of the list. Flat, simplified logos have been all the rage for years, with countless companies opting for minimal versions of their existing designs (sometimes to the detriment of usability, as seems to be the case with Google's new logos). 

Several brands including Facebook Messenger and TrueCar have adopted gradient-filled designs lately, and Logaster predicts 2021 will be all about neon shades and bright, saturated colours. Meanwhile, from symmetrical shapes to the clean, thin lines of logos such as Rolls-Royce's impressive new symbol, the company says we can also expect to see lots of neat and refined designs next year – just the tonic after the chaos of 2020.

You can view the full infographic below, and don't forget to check out these surprising graphic design trends for 2021 for more inspiration. If you're ready to start creating your own symbol, our logo design guide has you covered. 

(Image credit: Logaster)

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