Nintendo just won the internet with this hidden Mario Easter egg

A render of Super Mario looking confused
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Who doesn't love a good gaming Easter egg? Now and then, someone uncovers a delightful little detail that developers have hidden in their games. The latest surprising Easter egg has been found in a, slightly, old Nintendo Mario game – and get ready, because it's unbelievably cute.

The famous gaming Twitter account, Supper Mario Broth (genius name), has spotted a Toad-related Easter egg the Super Mario Odyssey game for Nintendo Switch (check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch deals if you're yet to grab yourself a console). The tiny detail is hard to spot, but it's the perfect example of Nintendo's famous perfectionism – games rarely release unless they are flawless.

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Later in the game, you will notice that they are wearing hats (see below). If you chat to the characters then they will explain that the hats were a gift from Princess Peach after she visited the Moon. However, if you take a peak through the binoculars before Peach has returned from the moon, you will see that the Toads haven't got their hats on yet. 

It's a tiny but adorable detail that the SupperMarioBroth account was able to spot. This isn't the first time we have covered one of the Easter eggs discovered by this particular account either – unbelievably, the Mario enthusiasts pointed out that Mario's hat isn't actually red. Plus, their discovery that Daisy is the only Super Mario character with teeth was one that kept us up at night.  And on the subject of Toad and lack of sleep, remember when we discovered what's really under Toad's mushroom hat?

A photo of different toads in different hats

The Toad characters look very cute in their hats (Image credit: Pedestrian)

The Tweet has gathered up a lot of attention online with over 700 retweets and 7,200 likes. One user commented on the Easter egg, "Five years later, and there are still details that I am only now learning about. Super Mario Odyssey is a damn masterpiece, and small touches like these will tell you". 

A user even shared an undiscovered Easter egg they spotted in the game, "Another fun fact in the Mushroom Kingdom area is that if you're in the SM64 Castle Courtyard area and move the camera down into the fountain, you hear a splash which doesn't happen if you do it in other parts of the game". 

I don't know about you, but I am off home to go and play Super Mario Odyssey now to try and spot some Easter eggs of my own. If you've already got the Mario Odyssey game and fancy different games to play, then check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch games

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