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Microsoft resurrects its first ever logo in delightful throwback

From vintage games consoles to retro iOS icons and widgets, there's been no shortage of nostalgia doing the rounds recently – which perhaps isn't surprising considering the year we've all had. The latest brand to get all dewy-eyed is Microsoft, which is celebrating its 46th birthday (is that a big one?) with a throwback to its original logo.

Founded on 4 April 1975, Microsoft entered the world with a rather funky, seemingly disco-inspired logo. And now, the company has shared an updated version of it, incorporating Windows' famous four-colour scheme. (Looking for logo inspiration? Check out our best logos of all time.)

Retro Microsoft logo

Microsoft's throwback logo (Image credit: Microsoft)

"Microsoft was founded on April 4, 1975. #NewProfilePic and banner to help us celebrate our 46 years in style," the company announced on Twitter. The name has been separated into two words, in a nod to the company's original name: Micro-Soft.

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The original logo (below) was in fact a rather less colourful affair than Microsoft's 2021 redux – although there's still something delightfully zany about those repeating strokes. If you're looking for more typographical treats, head over to our best free fonts.

Microsoft original logo

The original Micro-Soft logo (Image credit: Microsoft)

But while it's fun to see the brand give its original logo a fresh coat of paint (hey Apple, when are you going to bring back the rainbow logo?), we can't help but wish it had opted to resurrect one of its even wilder designs. Back in 1980, Microsoft decided to go full heavy metal with a wordmark (below) that simply can't not have been inspired by Metallica. Sadly, this design only lasted a couple of years. 

Microsoft metal band logo

Micro-tallica, anyone? (Image credit: Microsoft)

If Microsoft's birthday shenanigans have inspired you to start a logo design project of your own, check out today's best Adobe Creative Cloud deals below. And if you need more nostalgia in your life, these early Mac-inspired iOS 14 icons are a delight.

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