These delightful iOS icons will turn your iPhone into a retro Mac

iOS (Old School)
(Image credit: Ben Vessey)

If your iPhone screen is feeling a little too future-forward, fear not. It doesn't have to stay that way. Much has been made of the ability to change your app icons in the latest version of iOS, and if the retro look is your bag, you're in luck. A new pack of replacement icons inspired by the 1984 Macintosh has just been created to bring a touch of '80s nostalgia to your phone's UI.

The iOS (Old School) collection is so good it rivals those in our favourite iOS app icons, and features black and white graphics guaranteed to soothe the headache caused by the rainbow-fuelled icon design trend of late

iOS (Old School)

You can enjoy retro versions of all your favourite apps (Image credit: Ben Vessey)

If you haven't encountered this feature on your iPhone yet, you may be a bit confused so we'll be clear. You aren't downloading 1984 versions of the apps, but simply the icons that will replace the way the apps are presented on your screen. Essentially, you're customising your homescreen (find out more about editing your app icons here).

But the vast collection of 110 icons does include super-modern apps not even dreamt of in 1984, including Slack, Twitter and Netflix. Plus, you can download themed wallpapers and, in a serious nod to the now, even dark and light mode are included. 

iOS (Old School)

There are dark and light themes (Image credit: Ben Vessey)

Designer Ben Vessey (who, according to his website, is "obsessed with simplicity") created the collection in homage to the 1984 Macintosh, stating "each bespoke icon has been lovingly hand crafted using old-school techniques – Steve Jobs would be proud!" And he's given you some options for how many of the icons you download, too – all purchasable via his website.

Want the icons for free? Tweet about iOS Old School and you'll enjoy a free pack of 20 icons plus two wallpapers in light mode. Alternatively, you can pay £3.99 for the full set. If you want to take it even further, you can get the entire set and five custom icons of your choice for £79.99. 

You may now be feeling inspired to play around with the aesthetic of your homescreen. If that sounds like you, check out this retro iOS 14 widget which works on your Apple Watch, too, or this retro app icon pack to take your phone back a decade or so. Don't yet have an iPhone? Check out the deals below.

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