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James Bond 'No Time to Die' trailer promises big change (but we’re not convinced)

Yesterday saw James Bond arrive on the big screen at Super Bowl LIV, in a debut trailer for the 25th Bond movie No Time to Die. The action-packed preview told audiences the film 'will change everything'. However the new Bond teaser offered little in the way of evidence to support such a claim, which left us feeling a little confused. 

The video clip stayed true to the usual Bond style, opening with Daniel Craig strapped into a small aeroplane, which subsequently falls out the back of a much larger jet aircraft, naturally. Nothing new so far. And the following 25 seconds very much follows suit, complete with everything you'd expect to see in a Bond trailer – a suspense-filled bridge leap, dramatic close ups and lots and lots of gunfire. 

Now, while we are far from experts in design for film, and have no idea of the overall plot of No Time to Die is, we do know it marks Daniel Craig's final outing as Bond (yes, for real this time, apparently). And we have no doubt he'll go out with a (probably very literal) bang. But we can't help but wonder why if this movie really does mark a change for the famous British spy, why the production company didn't use it as an opportunity be a bit more creative with its marketing strategy? 

Our take from this death-defying, stunt-filled spot is that the 25th Bond film will be more of the same Bond we all know and love. And while that's enough to make anyone, even us, go and see it on the big screen, there's an argument that the Bond brand is strong enough to break from the norm on occasion, albeit temporarily. 

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Kerrie Hughes

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