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New Wolverine movie poster gets designers talking

Fans of the X-Men character Wolverine are in for a treat as the grizzled comic hero returns for his third solo film outing. Taking its inspiration from Old Man Logan by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, the upcoming film, Logan, appears to tell a more mature and grittier story that sees an older Wolverine battle it out one last time in a post-apocalyptic future.

The film is scheduled for first release at the end of February, but audiences have been given a taste of what to expect with this vintage poster design by Dave Rapozafor the IMAX screenings.

Click to see the full size poster

Click to see the full size poster

With a strong character-lead design, rich yet dusty colours and a bold and blocky typeface, the poster for Logan looks like a mix between a Western and an 80's action film. We particularly like the faded folds that line the image.

It's a winning combination that moves away from some of the more shiny photo-composites that have become the norm for comic book film posters over the years, and it perfectly reflects the tone the movie seems to be going for.

The design also appears to have gone down well with fans, with the design winning lots of admirers on Twitter.

The poster has even inspired other designers and illustrators to create their own versions and fan art.

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