The NFTits Club isn't what you think it is

A purple and pink logo that says The NFTits Club
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Here's an NFT project that will grab headlines for its name. The NFTits Club is an eye-catching title that infers a lot – but this is no mere titillation. This NFT art collection is a female-led project designed to empower women, promote body positivity and instigate change. Far from being a joke or a celebrity cash-grab, The NFTits Club is sincere and profound; it's art.

Of course, The NFTits Club is an NFT project and this comes with a degree of confusion. Non-fungible tokens are unique digital tokens secured on a blockchain that create rarity. We explain NFTs in detail in our what art NFTs? feature and explain how to make and sell an NFT. If you are buying NFTs and want to show them off, take a look at the best NFT displays.

As NFTs become more popular and often grab headlines for the wrong reasons – scams and thefts do happen – the best projects are those that have a use, and better still if they can support causes, are inclusive, and affect change. This is the plan behind The NFTits Club, which will donate 30% of its profits to female-focused charities supporting women’s development, equality and medical support globally.

Illustrations of topless women

The NFTits Club aims to support women and good causes (Image credit: The NFTits Club)

Billie Van Der Veen, the founder of The NFTits Club says, "If we achieve what we want to with our launch, we will be able to donate £500,000 to charity. Not only that, but we want to be able to reach people globally with our message of female empowerment and health and create financial freedom through trading for everyone in our community, not just limited to people who 'traditionally' benefit from this type of investment." 

We want to be able to reach people globally with our message of female empowerment and health and create financial freedom

The NFTits Club's collection of 7,777 illustrations of women will go on sale March 26th, to mark free the nipple day. The illustrations display all types of female body images, and many have been inspired by friends and relatives of the artists who have battled cancer or suffered discrimination. The collection aims to capture the strength and beauty in all-female bodies.

"We also take a lot of guidance and inspiration from our amazing community who are so behind what we are doing. They all have their own stories about why they are involved in The NFTits Club and it's really inspiring," says Van Der Veen. 

She adds: "It genuinely is why we launched this project, and what drives our passion to make sure we are having a positive impact, and reaching as many people as possible. When we hear from people why they are involved or why specific pieces in the collection mean so much to them it reminds us why we are doing what we are doing."

Illustrations of female bodies

The art is personal and has been inspired by friends and family (Image credit: The NFTits Club)

The launch of The NFTits Club highlights some startling facts about NFTs. According to Van Der Veen only 16% of NFTs and 30% of crypto is held by women. "We have a lot of work to do, to get more people on board with our mission – but we really do believe that by supporting female artists we can elevate their voices in a positive way," she says.

The founder of The NFTits Club clearly believes NFTs must have a purpose and a utility to be viable. This art collection is aimed to empower women, but it's broader too. She tells us artists can benefit from a "new age of investment" that will give an advantage to "previously isolated groups".

She explains: "Elevating female artists and the message of female empowerment, through a cause that also supports your own financial empowerment is a huge opportunity for those involved in our cause. To ensure this positive step continues to grow and create change, It goes without saying that the future of NFTs must come from organisations and projects that are looking at how they can create positive change and make the world of trading a more inclusive space." 

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