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Get a Plusnet broadband deal at an incredibly low price

Best broadband deals
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If you're looking for a fast broadband connection, at a low price, this Plusnet deal may be just the thing. The British company's Fibre Extra deal offers you 66Mb download speeds at just £25 a month – and there's a £60 Mastercard included, too!

And that's not all. Plusnet is also offering another deal that will give you a slightly slower speed of 36Mb for a lower price of £23, also including the £60 Mastercard. This would be perfect if you're looking for a super affordable price, and you're not too fussed about having super-fast download speeds. Although frankly, for £2 a month extra, we'd probably go for the first option.

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The best Plusnet broadband deals

Plusnet Fibre Extra broadband: £24.99 / month
This 18-month contract offers you 66Mb average download speeds, and comes with free activation, line rental and a £60 Mastercard – all for just £25 a month! It's one of the best broadband deals we've seen.
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Plusnet Fibre broadband: £22.99 / month
This second deal is also pretty great, offering you a lower price point, for a slightly lower average download speed of 36Mb. It also includes the £60 Mastercard, so is a steal.
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Other broadband deals 

Virgin M200 Fibre broadband: £32.99 / month
This 18 month Virgin deal offers you a mega speedy 213Mb download speeds for £33 a month, with free setup. It does turn into £50 after the 18 month period, however, so set a reminder!
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